Essay 1 topic ideas

1. Musical chairs- movie where pro ballroom dancer becomes crippled, unusual love story, motivational to not lose hope

2. Fashion police- degrading celebrities, shows poor manners, stereotype that all Americans are ill mannered

3. Victoria’s Secret catalogues- all who shop at Victoria’s Secret must be skinny to the bone, 5’9″, don’t sell big size bras, discriminate to a certain size of person

4. Law and order: SVU- gives people the idea that there’s only crime around every corner

5. Good luck Charlie- Disney tv show, not your usual “American” family, has 5 kids in the family not the usual 1 boy and 1 girl

6. Starbucks- stereotypical white person place to buy coffee

7. Stuyvesant highschool best school- does not admit many black people, stereotype that black people are not very book smart, Asians are geniuses

8. Popeyes restaurant- is for black people, stereotype that black people eat greasy fried food

9. Luis Vuitton (and other brand names)- only made for the rich, made for a certain class and should not be worn by the needy

10. Borat- movie, farmers/ people from the country in this case immigrants are animals with no manners

Essay 3 ideas

1. Life of Pi (isolation)

2. JP Penney – spokesperson is Ellen DeGeneres (Lesbian)

3. Breaking Bad(Corruption)

4. Everybody hates Chris(Discrimination)

5.Family Guy(Racial Comments)

6. Titanic (Class difference)

7. Ender’s Game(Isolation)

8. Ellen DeGeneres (Identity)

9. To kill a Mockingbird (Racism)

10. Lord of the flies (Authority)

Essay Idea’s

1. Dexter ( TV-Show, shows struggle between two desires)

2. Eminem- beautiful (song about depression)

3. Schindler’s List (movie about death of Jews)

4. Finding Forrester (movie about racism)

5. J-Cole- Lost ones (song about teen pregnancy)

6. To Kill A Mockingbird ( very influential movie as well as book about racism and the unfairness of judicial system)

7. Eminem- space bound (deep song about the good and bad effects of love)

8. Stromae- Papaoutai (song about a young boy searching and missing his father; abandonment)

9. Love & Other Drugs (movie about love and doing whatever it takes to make the other person happy)

10. Springbreakers (movie about the consequences of drugs and crime)

Essay Idea’s

#1. Mean Girls – signifies changing who you are in order to fit in.
#2. Rihanna- her new lifestyle signifies how a life event can change your whole mindset, lifestyle choices and future decisions negatively.
#3. Dave Chappelle Show- Dave Chappelle used his comedy show to address racial discrimination and stereotypes
#4. Fifth Avenue vs. 34th Street- The differences in shopping districts have set class differences on who can or who shouldn’t shop in each district
#5. Legally Blonde- despite her image of being a blonde who cares a lot about her image and all things girly she is capable of succeeding academically beyond the stereotype that she is dumb and sleazy.
#6. Downtown Brooklyn- the changes in Brooklyn made as a result of gentrification, forcing people out of their neighborhoods.
#7. Unpretty by TLC – speaks on insecurities of women and accepting yourself for who you are.
#8. Cover Girl – their advertisements when from marketing makeup for fair skinned women to creating a personal line just for women of color.
#9. McDonald’s – signifies a place of happiness; all things happy for a kid, American family to enjoy a meal.
#10. Menace II Society- touches on the struggle of young teenagers growing up in the hood and the decision to choose what’s right vs. what’s wrong.

Essay #3 Ideas

1.) I Won’t Say the Lord’s Prayer- The Wonder Years (conflict with religion, growing up religiously vs. choosing to eliminate religion)

2.) The Guardian (shows the “ideals” of what a serviceman should be, success story that seems unrealistic to most)

3.) Breaking Bad (identity crisis of main character)

4.) Heart Shaped Box- Nirvana (conflicts of love, feeling trapped)

5.) Skinny Love- Bon Iver (discusses a love that is not enough, dissatisfaction, struggle to be happy in a relationship)

6.) Yankee Stadium (classic/traditional outer appearance, filled with modern technology)

7.) A Lack of Color- Death Cab for Cutie (living a life that should be full of love and excitement, but seems dreary and dilluted)

8.) Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (9/11 shown through the eyes of someone with a social disorder, attempt to understand why and who would commit such an act)

9.) Millstone- Brand New (letting go of old identity and adopting a new one, accepting disappointment from others)

10.) Who Says- John Mayer (going against the “norms” of society, questioning why they exist in the first place)

Essay three Brainstorm

1. The Great Gatsby – (Movie)American dream, idea of love

2. The Sun Also Rises – (Movie) lost world

3. Color Purple – (Movie) Sexism , Racism

4. Pheonix by A$AP Rocky – suicidal thoughts, low points that everyone goes through

5. Crooked Smile by J.Cole  – the view of yourself affects how others see you

6. Baby Boy – (Movie)Oedipus complex

7. Fruitvale station – (Movie)Racism

8. Keep Ya Head Up by Tupac – Sexism

9.  Freedom Writers – (Movie)segregation among races

10. Black Swan – (Movie)dark side of show business

Brainstorm Ideas

1. Rose Hall (Montego Bay, Jamaica) : (Slavery , Social Status/Social Structure)

2. Devon House ( Kingston, Jamaica) : ( Slavery, Social Status/ Structure)

3. Redemption Song ( Bob Marley) : ( Emancipation, Undisclosed Societal Problems)

4. Help I’m Alive (Metric) : ( Rebellion)

5. Walking on Air (kerli) : (Implications)

6. Ghost Adventures : ( Tied in with Rose Hall, Jamaica)

7. Dead Files : ( Paranormal Activity)

8. “Giddy House” – (Port Royal Jamaica ) : (Slavery, Symbolism)

9. The Jamaican Quote of Arms (Symbolism)

10. Pimper’s Paradise (Damian Marley) (Role of Women)