Essay 1 topic ideas

1. Musical chairs- movie where pro ballroom dancer becomes crippled, unusual love story, motivational to not lose hope

2. Fashion police- degrading celebrities, shows poor manners, stereotype that all Americans are ill mannered

3. Victoria’s Secret catalogues- all who shop at Victoria’s Secret must be skinny to the bone, 5’9″, don’t sell big size bras, discriminate to a certain size of person

4. Law and order: SVU- gives people the idea that there’s only crime around every corner

5. Good luck Charlie- Disney tv show, not your usual “American” family, has 5 kids in the family not the usual 1 boy and 1 girl

6. Starbucks- stereotypical white person place to buy coffee

7. Stuyvesant highschool best school- does not admit many black people, stereotype that black people are not very book smart, Asians are geniuses

8. Popeyes restaurant- is for black people, stereotype that black people eat greasy fried food

9. Luis Vuitton (and other brand names)- only made for the rich, made for a certain class and should not be worn by the needy

10. Borat- movie, farmers/ people from the country in this case immigrants are animals with no manners


Essay 3 ideas

1. Life of Pi (isolation)

2. JP Penney – spokesperson is Ellen DeGeneres (Lesbian)

3. Breaking Bad(Corruption)

4. Everybody hates Chris(Discrimination)

5.Family Guy(Racial Comments)

6. Titanic (Class difference)

7. Ender’s Game(Isolation)

8. Ellen DeGeneres (Identity)

9. To kill a Mockingbird (Racism)

10. Lord of the flies (Authority)

Essay Idea’s

1. Dexter ( TV-Show, shows struggle between two desires)

2. Eminem- beautiful (song about depression)

3. Schindler’s List (movie about death of Jews)

4. Finding Forrester (movie about racism)

5. J-Cole- Lost ones (song about teen pregnancy)

6. To Kill A Mockingbird ( very influential movie as well as book about racism and the unfairness of judicial system)

7. Eminem- space bound (deep song about the good and bad effects of love)

8. Stromae- Papaoutai (song about a young boy searching and missing his father; abandonment)

9. Love & Other Drugs (movie about love and doing whatever it takes to make the other person happy)

10. Springbreakers (movie about the consequences of drugs and crime)

Essay Idea’s

#1. Mean Girls – signifies changing who you are in order to fit in.
#2. Rihanna– her new lifestyle signifies how a life event can change your whole mindset, lifestyle choices and future decisions negatively.
#3. Dave Chappelle Show– Dave Chappelle used his comedy show to address racial discrimination and stereotypes
#4. Fifth Avenue vs. 34th Street– The differences in shopping districts have set class differences on who can or who shouldn’t shop in each district
#5. Legally Blonde– despite her image of being a blonde who cares a lot about her image and all things girly she is capable of succeeding academically beyond the stereotype that she is dumb and sleazy.
#6. Downtown Brooklyn– the changes in Brooklyn made as a result of gentrification, forcing people out of their neighborhoods.
#7. Unpretty by TLC – speaks on insecurities of women and accepting yourself for who you are.
#8. Cover Girl – their advertisements when from marketing makeup for fair skinned women to creating a personal line just for women of color.
#9. McDonald’s – signifies a place of happiness; all things happy for a kid, American family to enjoy a meal.
#10. Menace II Society– touches on the struggle of young teenagers growing up in the hood and the decision to choose what’s right vs. what’s wrong.

Essay #3 Ideas

1.) I Won’t Say the Lord’s Prayer– The Wonder Years (conflict with religion, growing up religiously vs. choosing to eliminate religion)

2.) The Guardian (shows the “ideals” of what a serviceman should be, success story that seems unrealistic to most)

3.) Breaking Bad (identity crisis of main character)

4.) Heart Shaped Box– Nirvana (conflicts of love, feeling trapped)

5.) Skinny Love– Bon Iver (discusses a love that is not enough, dissatisfaction, struggle to be happy in a relationship)

6.) Yankee Stadium (classic/traditional outer appearance, filled with modern technology)

7.) A Lack of Color- Death Cab for Cutie (living a life that should be full of love and excitement, but seems dreary and dilluted)

8.) Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (9/11 shown through the eyes of someone with a social disorder, attempt to understand why and who would commit such an act)

9.) Millstone– Brand New (letting go of old identity and adopting a new one, accepting disappointment from others)

10.) Who Says– John Mayer (going against the “norms” of society, questioning why they exist in the first place)

Essay three Brainstorm

1. The Great Gatsby – (Movie)American dream, idea of love

2. The Sun Also Rises – (Movie) lost world

3. Color Purple – (Movie) Sexism , Racism

4. Pheonix by A$AP Rocky – suicidal thoughts, low points that everyone goes through

5. Crooked Smile by J.Cole  – the view of yourself affects how others see you

6. Baby Boy – (Movie)Oedipus complex

7. Fruitvale station – (Movie)Racism

8. Keep Ya Head Up by Tupac – Sexism

9.  Freedom Writers – (Movie)segregation among races

10. Black Swan – (Movie)dark side of show business

Brainstorm Ideas

1. Rose Hall (Montego Bay, Jamaica) : (Slavery , Social Status/Social Structure)

2. Devon House ( Kingston, Jamaica) : ( Slavery, Social Status/ Structure)

3. Redemption Song ( Bob Marley) : ( Emancipation, Undisclosed Societal Problems)

4. Help I’m Alive (Metric) : ( Rebellion)

5. Walking on Air (kerli) : (Implications)

6. Ghost Adventures : ( Tied in with Rose Hall, Jamaica)

7. Dead Files : ( Paranormal Activity)

8. “Giddy House” – (Port Royal Jamaica ) : (Slavery, Symbolism)

9. The Jamaican Quote of Arms (Symbolism)

10. Pimper’s Paradise (Damian Marley) (Role of Women)